Our Customers

The Cookie Company

It was just before noon on a beautiful spring day when our sales team first met Hans. "Want a cookie?", Hans asks with handshake and a smile. It's a silly question. Of course, we do. After savoring the first bite of the rather generously-sized macadamia nut and E.T. cookies, Hans shows us around the small downtown shop as we discuss his current operations, talk with staff, and examine ways our program may be able to help. We barely finish describing our service and the available rebates before Hans interjects, "Okay, I'm in. Now, would you like a box of cookies to take back to the office?" Again, silly question. 

Sometimes, it can take a few weeks for us to work with a customer before starting a program. Other times, like in this example, a program is so simple that it takes no time at all. We are very pleased to welcome the Cookie Company to the WTEL family.

Parchment paper, eggshells and cartons, rhubarb and fruit trimmings, butter packaging, flour and sugar bags, cookie dough, plastic wrap, gloves, the extremely rare unsold cookie; nearly 90% of the waste the company generates every day our service accepts.